Nurse Practitioner Job Placement

At PHR we know Nurse Practitioners play a key role in healthcare. Nurse Practitioner Recruitment continues to be the foundation of our company placing 1,000’s of Nurse Practitioners.

Your skills as a nurse practitioner are in demand across America and your importance will only increase over time. According to US News Nurse Practitioners are ranked 4th best job to have in 2018.

Let us help you on your path to a very bright future. We have positions all over the country in various types of settings. We believe that each person is important and deserves to be matched with the perfect job.

We will work with you to find your perfect fit. Our Recruiters have skills that set them apart from others and will help you in your quest to find your dream job.

Search our positions to see the positions we have or just email us you resume and we will take it from there.