Physician Assistant Job Placement

Physician Assistants participate on teams with Doctors, Surgeons and other Healthcare Practitioners to ensure the best care for their patients. Physician assistants are just as crucial as physicians in the healing of patients.

Over the years, the need for physician assistants has increased greatly. A study done by AAPA in 2015 showed that a career as Physician assistant is one of the most recommended career paths.

As a Physician Assistants, your skills are useful in many fields including primary care, urgent care, surgical, critical care-based specializations and MUCH MORE. We handle all specializations and settings for Physician Assistants nationwide. However, we at Palm Health Resources understand that you too have certain requirements and wishes for your positions. We respect and value your skills and our dedicated and skilled recruiters will work with you to find you the perfect position that matches all your requirements. Feel free to apply to any positions we have open on our site or just send us your resume and we will take care of the rest.