Physician Job Placement

At Palm Careers our Physician job placement program offers Physicians permanent, contract and locum tenens opportunities in many attractive locations Nationwide. We currently have available opportunities for a wide range of physicians in a variety of healthcare environments.

At the end of the day, our main goal in our Physician job placement practice is to do one thing…get YOU the right Physician position with the right practice! For us, this goes far beyond credentials and work experience. Physicians want the right culture, to click with their team.

Not only can we can help you through the process of searching and identifying an exciting new practice opportunity, but with our consultative approach and vast knowledge of the physician marketplace, we will help you maximize your career growth. Providers we represent benefit from a deep knowledge of the practices presented by our physician recruiter. By fully understanding your current situation, your motivation to find a new practice and your goals enables us to find the opportunity that best meets your needs. Our Physician Recruitment team protects your precious time, eliminating calls about jobs that are not a fit for your career needs.

Whether you are seeking a better work/life balance, or need to increase your earning potential, our physician recruiters can and will help you streamline your search process. Our vast network of clients in all practice settings nation-wide will bring you the career change you’ve been yearning for while cutting through all the frustration. Whether you are a physician or a client hiring a physician from our firm, you will have an attentive, knowledgeable, dedicated physician recruiter ready to work for you till the match is made!

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